Friday, August 29, 2008

Isn't this darling?

In honor of the historic moment on Thursday night, I bought this for my daughter today. 
                      {get this here}                            

She is a proud Obama supporter and will tell anyybody who she is voting for if they'll listen. We're fairly active in our city when it comes to politics, but we're the minority considering we live in Alabama. So, I'm sure she'll stand out in the crowd in it and we'll be very happy about that. I guess it's just in her blood. She's grown up going to meetings, etc. and her and her little friend can be heard discussing politics over lunch at the local hot dog shop. I kid you not, they got into a discussion about politics the other afternoon. It was hilarious! I guess it doesn't hurt that the friend's dad was at the convention as they spoke. The woman sitting next to us looked at me like we were all crazy. I'm guess she didn't realize that kids aren't all born Republicans. :) Anyway, the shirt was too cute to pass up! I love Etsy!

ps~I do tell her that it doesn't matter who she supports, as long as she's informed and VOTES. So, I'm not totally trying to turn her into me...not totally. Yet. ;)


lovelymorning said...

oh, so cute! if we had kids, they would all have these shirts!

Jennifer Ramos said...

Ha VERY CUTE!! i LOVED that speech.. :)

Kate said...

She loves the shirt. It totally made her day to get it in the mail today!

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

i love your daughter!