Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Ok, unlike most people I'm pretty excited about turning 30. In fact, I'm so excited (and still too sick to do much else) that I found a montage of fun signs on Flickr that I want to post. Oh, how I love Flickr. I don't actually put my own photos on there yet, but only because I'm too lazy to buy a new cord or card reader for my camera! But, I'm going to change that this weekend. Anyway, here's to a wonderful 30th year and some fun 30s!

(This isn't me, but it's totally something my mother would do to me! In fact, if you're reading Mom....don't think about it!)

(This one is a speed limit sign outside of a sports stadium somewhere in France)

(I think the colors in this photo are amazing. I lost the link to where I found it, but whoever took it is very talented!)


Brooke said...

Whooo hooooo! I'm with you 30 was (and is) great. My best and most favorite b'day was my 30th. It's been great year. Congrats and all the VERY best to you as a embark on that 'sorta grown-up'age. :)

Cheers! Brooke

Kate said...

I feel really grown up this week...our daughter started big girl school (4k) and I'm the room mom! Nothing says adult like signup sheets and phone trees! ;)

Thanks for the birthday wishes and the visit to my little world.