Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Last Day of 2008...

I wish I had something cooler to post or words of wisdom to share, but I've been sick with a nasty stomach bug for two days and I'm still not 100%, so I'm going back to bed!

Happy New Year's Eve and New Year's Day! See you in 2009!

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Cake goodness...

I know that I included one of her cakes in my last post and that April Reed certainly isn't a new discovery or anything, but I. LOVE. HER. WORK. Honestly, this first cake has been saved in my inspiration files for FOREVER and it's the exact cake I'd like to have if we decide to do a cake. It fits the venue and my personal taste so perfectly. She has such a great vision and style. Not to mention that she is incredibly talented and her sugar flowers are ridiculous. Which one would you choose? 

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I'm loving...

Marigold and Pewter

It looks so happy and cheery. It doesn't really go with the idea I have in my head for our reception, but it would be great for an summer daytime wedding I think.


I woke up this morning with 16 {!!} emails announcing all sorts of sales today. I've already taken advantage of Alexis Bittar and JCrew. Just found a Paper-Source email in my inbox and it looks like they have a ton of cards/envelopes on sale and they're actually good colors. They don't have every piece in every color, of course, but what they do have is around 50% off. Have fun!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Let them eat cake...

I'm apparently drawn to cakes that have different heights for each layer. I'm in love with the first cake, by April Reed. It's so simple and it looks very modern, but classic at the same time. Maybe we should have a cake after all. We won't be outside anymore and there are tons of great bakers/pastry chefs locally. Hmmm...something to think about.

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I just figured out how to schedule don't be shocked if I start writing more! This is fun. It was written two days ago to post tonight! I'm always the last to figure out the cool stuff!

Love this invitation...

This is exactly what I've had in mind for my STDs and maybe the invitation as well. I'd like the STD to basically be a letter to our friends telling them how special they've been to us over the years, etc. A really fabulous letter penned by Betsy Dunlap and letterpressed by Suann

What do you think of the idea? 
I hope everybody has a wonderful Christmas this year. Thank you for reading my blog these past few months and I hope to see you around here in the new year as well. 

Merry Christmas!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vineyard by POB Fall 2009

Does anybody know anything about this brand? I've never seen one of the dresses in person and no stores in my area carry them. There is a large POB store in Atlanta though and I always like their designs, so I was thinking of going over there in the Spring to look around. Are the quality and price points decent?

Vera Wang Fall 2009

I'm not shocked that I love all these VW dresses. I've been in love with her work since I was old enough to know who she was. I love the first dress, though I'm assuming you can take off the dark sash. You usually can and I SO would in this case.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Flush Designs

I think I must be the last one to figure out that WeddingBee has a section for wedding professionals called WeddingBee Pro. Who knew? Anyway, today I came across these wonderful favors and programs by Courtney of Flush Designs. I love the organic look of these pieces. The bride didn't want the typical sand dollars and starfish beach theme and I must say I love it! The favor was a letterpress art piece, how great is that? It's not the most useful thing in the world {I believe that favors should be eaten for the most part!}, but it's stunning. I would love one. I also really the two-sided seal hanging from the program. I usually think that wax seals look old-fashioned, but these feel a little more modern to me. Check out Courtney's site and blog, she's super talented!

I Suwannee...

My first award goes to Jamie over at I Suwannee.
She always finds great original things to share, not to mention she has a thing for bookcases! So congrats, are my first award winner

Now, Kristy says that you have to award 7 of your favorite blogs with the same award, so get started! You can find all the rules here...
I'm kind of in LOVE with this right now. The God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman part is amazing. 

They like me, they really like me...

I've won my first ever blog award...yay! I'm not really sure what it's for, but yay! I'm cool! Thank you to Kristy from Where's My Damn Answer for the Brillante Weblog-Premio 2008 award. 

I'll be holding my own little awards ceremony sometime this week. It's so hard to narrow it down to 7!

Lela Rose Fall 2009

Still in love with the first dress...the open back is stunning.

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...but it's going to be 70* and rainy instead.

A Higher Calling...

I love him

Got my mojo workin'...

The next best thing to actually doing something is daydreaming about it! Since we're not at the design phase with the invitations yet {since we're like 500 days away and we don't actually have a venue!}, I spent some time the other day looking for paper to line the envelopes to relax myself. This is what I came up with if we go with the new venue. The top two are from the Tuscan collection {so that goes well with the Italian restaurant as a venue} and the bottom two are just pretty! I like them all and am not sure which one I would pick, but one thing is for sure...I'm still digging orange. It's funny, but we went to Bottega last night and the walls are orange, so that will work out well. I'd never really noticed, because the food and drinks are super tasty!

So, which one do you like best?
{all papers from Paper Mojo}