Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Injured reserve...

Well, I hurt my knee skiing {which since I have a bad knee isn't a surprise} I'm curled up in the library at the Four Seasons Whistler listening to Christmas music and playing on my computer. There are worse things...I'm waiting for my massage appointment. ;)

Even though I'm 18 months away, I've been stockpiling the candlesticks pictured below for about 6 months now to use on our dinner table for the VR {remember, that means vow renewal, which I think sounds really stupid, so I refuse to type it all out}. Chelsea posted this picture today from Blueprint {oh how I miss BP} and I had to post it because it's so nice to see the idea in your head in real life. KWIM
{found here}

I love the organic relaxed look of this arrangement that I found on Coco&Kelly. It also suits the hot weather that we'll be in, since if they wilt, you don't notice! I would do more flowers, less greenery, but the textures and colors are beautiful, don't you think?

I love Milk Glass, so as of yesterday I've decided to collect a bunch of vases, compotes, bowls, etc. to possibly use for the centerpieces on the table. I think that the arrangement above would look great, but I'm kinda worried about too many different kinds of flowers competing with the vases. What do you think? I think I'm willing to lose the milk glass over the flowers, just because I LOVE flowers. But, I'm going to try to go with lots of candles anyway, so there won't be a ton of flowers anyway. Gotta go budget somewhere...


Joyce said...

My first time visting. I noticed you enjoy Mt Dew and since I don't know too many people loving this drink as much as me, I had to check out your blog!

Congrats on RV- this is exciting. I love the different candleholders and the white milk glass. I will be back.

Enjoy your trip!

Courtney said...

Oh, so sorry about the leg injury, but I can't say that sitting in the library sounds all that bad either :)

I think the candlesticks will be gorgeous for your dinner table for the VR (and I so miss BP too!)

That flower arrangement is beautiful, and the Milk Glass is so fun, but I think you are right that they would be competing with each other a bit.

If you kept the arrangement more monochromatic, but kept the same level of texture, I think it would work much better together (less competition for sure.)

Actually, it might also be choosing the right color combo for the milk glass (since it is so lovely, yet stark white.) If you love it, though don't give up on it. You can certainly make those two things work together!!