Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lemons, limes and oranges...OH MY*

If you didn't notice, I've become slightly obsessed with all things citrus lately. So, since we MIGHT be going in a different direction with the vr {more on that later}, I decided to start looking at different color palettes that focused more on citrusy colors and less on beach colors. Anyway, here are a million of the wonderful choices from Snippet and Ink, just in case you have the same fascination that I do. How is a girl to choose? Kathryn has to STOP ALL THE GOODNESS or I'm going to explode! My absolute favorites are 109, 12 and 284, but they're all wonderful aren't they? Which one is your favorite?

{click pics to enlarge}

{all boards from S&I}
**Yes, I know that's a cheesy know you love it! 

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