Monday, December 8, 2008

THE inspiration....

When did Maaaartha actually put all the good stuff on her website? I've always wanted them to add pictures from back issues, but I had given up! 
Well, look...they finally did. 

THIS is the image that started it all. This grilling station and that green lawn is what made me want a Southern Luxe Lawn Party. Think I should shorten that to SLLP? Anyway, you've probably seen it in one of the many issues it's been in, but this grill station is one of my favorite ideas EVER. I'm not planning on doing the daisy theme, but I MUST the rest of it. Love the umbrella, love the menu, and they don't have the closeup, but I love the way they serve the different foods they are cooking. In my mind, I see mini grilled lamb kabobs, maybe grilled oysters {except How is dying for a raw oyster bar}, shrimp skewers, some sort of veggie option all served in bamboo hotdog trays. I used to have a picture of those as well, but I seemed to have deleted it and I can't find it! Anybody seen those? I just LOVE this idea. I'm so glad to have a digi pic of it. I've saved my mag pic for years!

Update~ Thanks to Nole, I now have the picture of the food that goes along with the table. Yay! It's apparently another piece of Rebecca Thuss genuis. I should have known! I feel much cooler to have the same inspiration as Nole. She's great! Click the second link on her name to read her guest posts at EAD

*****Ah ha! Found the bamboo serving board that I was talking about...though they seem to only be in the UK. Take a look, they're very neat. Kidei

Oh and I know just using the term Southern Luxe Lawn Party could get my ass kicked, but I can't figure out another way to word it! Sorry for being so lame...

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