Monday, December 15, 2008

Bag lady...

Since this isn't a "real" wedding, we feel like our friends are really going out of their way for us, if they join us in Seaside. So, because of this, we're doing a lot of extra little things during the weekend. The first thing they'll receive is a welcome bag. I have no idea what I'm putting in them, but I do know what I want the bag to look like. I also know I want to make them myself! Yay...I love a huge DIY project to drive myself nuts with! I had been planning on doing one of these bags for each family, then I woke up! Ummm, hello!!! There are so many other things I could spend that $20 on, like copious amounts of my favorite bubbly

So months ago, I came across Mary's fantastic wedding and after that I found her blog and etsy store. Score! I wish they wrote more, because they have some really great work. I actually chatted with the two of them over the phone this summer and was supposed to meet with them on my ill-fated NYC trip and they couldn't be sweeter. Even though, we never met during that trip...I came away with a better and more budget friendly bag idea. Silk-screened canvas bags! I finally get to silkscreen something! I've been wanting to try it ever since Maartha featured it on her show and in the mag.

I've fallen in love with the idea of doing this kind of bag with some sort of shield/logo hybrid like these two examples. I'm thinking something with a lime slice and maybe croquet mallets...

{I love the two looks like a old family crest}

{I've always wanted to order something from here}

{I would be great at this, I'm just sure of it.}

{So simple, but so special at the same time}

{Love the ferris wheel on this..}

{all photos from Ice Cream Social}


Courtney said...

Love those bags, and I think incorporating croquet mallets for yours would be adorable.

Kate said...

Thanks. Have I ever told you how awesome you are? I love your comments! One day I'm going to find more readers like you! ;)

coco+kelley said...

these designs are freaking FANTASTIC! i want one myself! ok, i need an engagement ring first, but still... adding this to the 'someday' list!