Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My venue!!!

I've never been able to find a picture of the Lyceum Lawn at Seaside on the web, though I'd seen a great one of a wedding in flower magazine. I have the clipping from the magazine hung on our fridge, because it's basically exactly what I want our reception/dinner/lawn party to look like, with some small changes. Well, I finally managed to find the picture online and used my very rough Photoshop abilities to crop it and make it a new .jpeg. Here it is in all it's glory, a big green lawn...with some fancy stuff on it! :) 

It's a HUGE lawn surrounded by hedges on three sides and a darling white school building on the other. It's the school lawn for the community school in Seaside and is used for special events, such as receptions and movies as well. Because the lawn is so big and our party won't even come close filling the place, we're going to have croquet and bocce/petanque. We'll also probably have a dj or band plus a dance floor, depending on how many people actually come. We probably won't have a band for 20 people, but 45-50 would be a great size to justify the extra expense of music and a dance floor.'s our reception venue, what do you think? I think it'll be perfect for the Southern luxe lawn party I'm going for. Think waiters with trays of champagne serving people playing croquet and me in this dress and How in some seersucker. Yumm-o!


Courtney said...

Kate, it looks lovely! How perfect for croquet, etc. I sadly haven't ever been to Seaside, but my mom has so I have a lovely t-shirt I can sport pretending I have been :)

Kate said...

I'll send you a new sweatshirt, so you can pretend year-around. ;)