Thursday, December 4, 2008

The best of the rest...

Here are my faves form the WWD article. I'm so excited to see what Michelle and the girls wear. There's an outside chance I'm going to get to go to the keep your fingers crossed that my friend can't find a date! BTW, Peter Som is a genuis. I love both of his looks. I love white!
{Peter Som for the ceremony}
{Peter Som for the ball}
{Oscar the red dress! I want it for Lillie. I'd shorten the blue to tea length}

{Marc Jacobs...not crazy about the color, but I like the shape}

{DVF...I would totally wear this for the VR}

{from WWD via Heather}


Courtney said...

Love love love the Peter Som numbers. Although, ok, I certainly wouldn't turn down any of the others.

Kate said...

Did anybody else notice that they all {for the most part} made her into Jackie Kennedy? Except for ODLR, the sketches all look like Jackie to me.

Regi S. said...

Love those ! I didn't see them before, thanks for posting. She's been compared to Jackie O since the start. The last sketch with her girls is a classic.
Betsy Johnson is a nut and after seeing that I agree, must be a Republican too !

Kate said...

That's true about the comparison, but some of the other sketches that I didn't post looked more like Jackie than they did Michelle.