Monday, August 4, 2008

Betsy Dunlap

OMG, I got my samples from Betsy today and I'm seriously thinking about trying to convince her to write all of my to-do lists from now on. She is so amazing and super talented! I've always been enamoured with calligraphy, but always considered most too traditional for my taste, which leans to a more modern look. But, thanks to Vane of Brooklyn Bride fame I've found Betsy (go here to see what Betsy did for her!) and I love her work! 

It's been very important for me to find somebody who has a unique style all their own. Betsy fits that description to a T and a well drawn T at that. Hand lettering figures very prominently in my paper plans for our vow renewal (which are in the planning stages right now), so finding somebody that I really love is important to me. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about Betsy and all my dealing with her have been great so far. One idea I have for our VR is having her pen a letter from my husband and I to our guests about how important friends and family are to us and how happy we are for them to join us in Seaside. I'd then like to have it letterpressed and to be part of my STD extravaganza, which will be discussed at a later date! 

Here are a few samples of Betsy's work from her website. The first two are the styles that I loved and got samples of and the third is another style I love, but is a little too open and flowy. I'd love a combo of all three! 

(all photos from Betsy's website)

Make sure you check out Betsy's blog too. She's got some great ideas on there for different ways to highlight her beautiful work. 

I'm going to share some other favorite calligraphers when I get back from NYC. If you have a favorite, please let me know!

~~I'll try and scan my samples when I get back and add them to the post, they are too beautiful not to share!

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