Thursday, August 28, 2008

Birthday Present #1

Enough with the wishes, I need a present! 
So, I purchased one of those fantastic machines for myself today and I'm beyond excited!
I know what everybody will be getting for Christmas. Notecards! As if I needed a reason to throw a party, but now I can make my own invitations. Oh, the possibilities. I can make ALL of this now. Yay! If only I could find a free Illustrator/Photoshop disk. :)


Heather from the bar said...

Oh, the gocco is the best thing ever. I am so excited for you, and I expect to see many posts about your gocco adventures :)

lovelymorning said...

you did NEED gocco. everyone needs gocco! Kate, I actually haven't purchased my blank coasters that i'm planning to print for our wedding. :)

BUT when i find the perfect ones i will be sure to send you the link. I'm a little behind on my long list of details that need to come together soon!

Kate said...

I just saw a post on WeddingBee about coasters that Miss Penguin made...she has a source. I'll find it again and I'll leave a comment on your blog. I'm thinking of making coaster favors for our Christmas open house with recipes on them for the food and drinks I serve.

lovelymorning said...

OH, super cute idea! love that. see the gocco is the gift that keeps on giving. I decided last minute that i HAD to have little monogramed circles to tie the pieces of our invitation suite together, and lucky for me, GOCCO was there! just one night's work and voila! 130 perfect 2 inch circles with our initials on them.

thanks for the tip about the coasters. i'm looking now. can't beat the price, right?

keep up the blogging... i feel like no one reads mine either!