Sunday, October 26, 2008


We're finally going on a vacation! I can't believe it. It only took a knock-down fight this weekend to realize that we need a break. H works about 65 hours a week lately and has been across the "pond" twice in the last month and to Germany as well. We've been married for 5 years and have only gone on three real vacations that didn't include my husband's job in some way. As a lawyer, he's required to attend CLE's and other conferences throughout the year and since they're usually at great locations, we go and the firm pays for most or all of it. But, that doesn't exactly make them our vacations and they're almost never relaxing. 
So, thanks to the incredible deals going on in the travel world {thanks to the crappy economy}, we're going to Whistler to stay at the Four Seasons for 7 nights! Yay! It's my first trip to Canada and Lillie's first trip out of the country. She's so excited to get her passport pictures taken tomorrow. What a nut! We're be there the first week of December and it just happens to be during this, which I'm pretty excited about as well. They have outdoor screenings, celebrity ski races and lots of other neat stuff apparently. 

Oh and Lillie will totally be rockin' an outfit like this! How darling is this little one?
If anybody has any ski gear tips, I'll take them. I've never been, so I have no idea what I need! Well, I need pants with extra padding in the bum, but besides that, no clue!


Abbie said...

Make sure you take long underwear. SmartWool has some great options, as well as some kid sizes. As long as you're warm, you'll have a great time!

caitstclair said...

Avoid cotton and layer like there's no tomorrow! Smart wool has some great stuff. My typical ski outfit consists of long underwear, wool socks, a sweater/fleece, a vest if it's cold and a jacket and snow pants (windproof and water resistant) plus mitts, a hat, goggles and a gator (a tube of fleece for your neck/face) if it's cold.
Layers are best because skiing's a workout so sometimes you'll overheat going down and cool back off on the lift ride up. If you have good layers you can unzip one or two easily without losing too much heat.
Have fun!

Shannon said...


1. Make sure Lillie has two pairs of mittens. If she falls her first pair will get wet, and cold hands can make skiing miserable!

2. Goggles are key if it is windy.

3. Turtle Fur makes great neck gaiters (like a thick turtle neck tube) that can be a life saver. It is easier to keep track of than a scarf, and can easily fit in your pocket if you get hot.

4. Layer thin pieces, not want to be able to move. If you feel like your fleece adds too much bulk, just wear a fleece vest (if your core is warm your arms will be too!)

5. Wool Socks

6. Mittens are better than gloves because your hands will stay warm with your own heat rather than gloves which isolate each finger.

7. Have a blast!

Samantha said...

Hey Kate

I'm the Public Relations Director for the Four Seasons in Vancouver and Whistler and love that you're coming out this way and telling all your friends :)

When are you taking your journey? Send me an email and let me know, also I could connect you to our Concierge Team ahead of time so we can make sure you and your family experience everything there is to offer.

You will love love love Whistler!
Samantha Geer

Regi S. said...

Ski tips :

Ask for extra whip cream on the hot cocoa right away. Saves a trip back to the beverage bar.

Get to the lounge early to get the best spot by the fire.

If your get cold go inside, it's warmer in there.

If you fall down while skiing, a big, drooly, fluffy St. Bernard will come along with fine brandy in the mini-barrel around his neck. Tip him well, he works hard.

If the snow conditions are icy, scoop it up, add some vodka and call it a day.

I think that's about all I can remember ! Post pics !

Courtney said...

This sounds like a heavenly trip! I haven't been skiing in far too long, but it is so so much fun.

southern daze said...

Sounds like you have a fabulous time in store for you. Have SO much fun!!