Monday, October 20, 2008


UPDATE: I've decided what I'm going to be for Halloween...Parker Posey from Dazed and Confused! I'm so excited! We're doing a whole group thing. Two or three girls going as the Seniors, maybe one or two as the Freshman and my best guy friend is going as Wooderson!!! We're still trying to get another guy to dress up as Mitch and get my husband to skip his conference and go as the coach or Rory Cochrane's character. Yay!! I'm so excited!

{We're dying his pants this weekend}

What is there to be if I don't want to be either of these?

but don't exactly want to look like a reject from the Playboy Party either...

{from here}

So the question is, What should I be for Halloween? Lillie is going to be spending the night with my parents, since my mother has never seen her on Halloween, so I've got the whole night to myself. I'll be going to some single person type party at a bar with some friends. My sweet husband is going to a meeting that weekend, so I'm flying solo. If he was going to be in town, we'd go as the Lana and Joel from Risky Business.

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Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

That will be fun! Parker Posey is great in that show.