Thursday, October 2, 2008

30 things to do before 31...

This is apparently my posting day this week {5 this morning already!}, but I've been wanting to do this all week, so since I've got to be home with the handy man, I'm going to write it up.

I saw this on Simple Lovely and thought it was a cool idea. Then Joslyn started featuring other blogger's lists all week, so I'm totally jumping on the bandwagon. 

30 things to be before I turn 31 {on August 30th}...

1. Decide once and for all if we're going to have another child.
2. Buy a letterpress
3. Learn to use aforementioned letterpress!
4. I'd like to actually sell letterpress invitations and stationary to people other than my friends and family. 
5. Become a better housewife. I know that sounds odd, but I'm a horrible housewife. I hate to clean and I'm never organized. I'm a good wife and a good mother, but I need to be a better wife to my needs me. 
6. Go more green...we eat local and mostly organic, but I'd like to start recycling and doing more for the Earth, not just my belly.
7. Start working out on a regular basis
8. Learn to play tennis. I'd really like to take up tennis, so I can be active and social at the same time.
9. Be more patient with Lillie. I'm a little short with her when she's in a mood to drive me nuts, but that's not her fault..she's just 4! Why???? seems like a real question at that age, I'm sure. ;)
10. Start the whole family eating healthier. We don't eat horrible, but we need to introduce more veggies for Lillie and cut out Coke and Diet Coke {even Mt. Dew} for the adults. 
11. Find our dog a good home. Lillie is just not a dog person and it's not fair for the dog to constantly be banished to the basement {it's cooled and heated, so we're not totally horrible people}
12. Read more and actually enjoy what I'm reading. 
13. Master Illustrator and other assorted Adobe products. Who the hell made them so hard?
14. Buy more forever pieces for my wardrobe and take great care of them. I kind of lose things...don't ask.
15. Spend more time with my husband doing other things besides eating and drinking. Our date nights tend to be going to dinner and talking over a bottle of wine, which is great, but I'd like to do more enriching activities. I'm a dork.
16. Take Lillie out of the country {don't worry, I'm not running away or anything}. My parents never traveled with me, so I'm hoping that I can travel a ton with Lil.
17. Go back to school and get a degree in my dream {graphic design/printmaking}!
18. Get more people to read my blog. Start my letterpress blog and get people to read that too.
19. Learn French {to use during #16} 
20. Learn to bake and actually do it. I'm not the mother that makes the stuff for bake sales...yet!
21. Make the three of us more of a family, without relying on our extended family. We need more traditions, etc. that we do by ourselves. 
22. Teach Lillie to read. She says she wants to learn before Kindergarten.
23. Go back to NYC and actually enjoy the trip {and not get sick!}
24. Be a better listener. I tend to talk a lot, so I need to slow down and listen to people.
25. Organize every inch of my house, so that I don't feel like we're being overrun by crap.
26. Throw away all the crap.
27. Stop buying things I end up thinking are crap.
28. Make Lillie's room a big girl room, put her bed together and get our bed back! We currently let her sleep in our bed and we sleep elsewhere. I's so sad. But, when you have a 14 month old that won't sleep through the night, you'll do anything!
29. Be a better version of myself. Be the best that I can be and be proud of it! 
30. Enjoy my 30's!!!!!

That was fun, but it wasn't easy!


Courtney said...

This is a great and sweet list!

I am with you on a number of those (especially the dream of a letterpress, although yours is less dream, more reality!)

I also need to be a better wife to my house (love the phrasing!) I love an organized/clean home, but I hate cleaning.

And number 7? That is consistently on my list!

And, of course, number 18 :)

The Lil Bee said...

#29 is perfect.

The Lil Bee said...

#29 is perfect.

Mia said...

I love lists too. Yours is perfect. Maybe I'll do the same; though I have less than 2 months to complete mine before I'm 31!

Kate said...

Good Luck Mia. I have about 10 months and it'll take me the WHOLE time. I guess I should have included stop putting crap off until the last minute as well. :)