Monday, January 26, 2009

I {heart} all of this*...

Blogging has been pretty hard lately. Not sure why, but I haven't been very inspired lately. Everything seems to look the same and while I know that you can't reinvent the wheel, if I see one more funky sock/cute shoe pictures or a damn bird cake topper, I'm going to scream. So, I've let all the re-wedding stuff slide and have been taking a break from blogging as well {I'm sure you couldn't tell right?}. But, this all changed the other day when I saw this darling party on Inchmark. I raced out and bought all the supplies to make the candy favors for Lil's class this Valentine's Day. How cute are they? How cute is the whole party? Hell, Brooke's whole blog is great! Check it out!

Also, if you have any inspiration to share, send it my way...I hate being in a rut.
I'm going to try and recreate these for Lil's class, though I'm such an Illustrator dummy, we'll see.
Simple and sweet. It was for a friend's 4th babe, which I think is so sweet of them to do. Every baby deserves a shower!
I love the garland that she hung over the dining table. I might have finally found a use for my sewing machine!
I can't bake, but these make me wish I could!
She picked the drink flavors to match her color scheme...a girl after my own heart!

*You know I had to use heart in the title...just too easy!
{all images from here}


Michelle said...

Wasn't that party adorable!!???? I loved it too! Hi! {wave}


wildraz said...

Wow, this party was so cute and creative. I love the color combo!

Kate said...

hehe, i know its true (re: poo + duke) - but come on, we gotta revel in what we can get!

See you at Cameron!!!

Brooke Reynolds said...

HI Kate..

Thank you for your kind words! I'm so glad you liked the party.. stay tuned for my daughter's 3rd birthday party which we did this morning. I love the inspiration you are collecting for your daughter's party!