Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cute cheap find...

How fun is this photo tray from Target? It's from their new Umbra Loft line, which I haven't seen in stores, but looks very promising. Like it promises to wreck my "no spending" rule asap! You could put a picture in the bottom or a piece of fabric or patterned paper would look great as well. There is one review of it and it was glowing, so I think I'll need to make a run out to 
How cute would this be for a reception with pictures of the couple or old family wedding photos? I would serve cupcakes or cookies on them at a dessert bar or something that would be eaten quickly so you could look at the pictures!

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east side bride said...

I love it! Umbra also makes great floating frames that are perf for framing oddly sized art - we have one but I keep meaning to buy more.