Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nie Nie on the Today Show!!

I was just watching The Today Show and they interviewed 4 of Stephanie's siblings, including her sister Courtney who writes the blog C Jane and two other sisters and her brother. It's so great to see the cause out there and hopefully raising more money. Matt Lauer did mention that they've raised over 100k! That is so great! Things like this make me proud to live in a country that this could happen in. It's so often the bad things that are on the news, finally something good to talk about.

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Little House on Green said...

I saw that on The Today Show this morning; it was a great interview, made me smile. I think Design Mom still has the list up of ongoing auctions (i won a skirt, yay for me and yay for Nie Nie!).

p.s. I like the new header, catchy and fun.