Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A great blog...

you might not be reading!

via in(side) the loop

I have to take a minute and pay homage to the fantastic-ness that is Courtney of In(side) The Loop. She lives in Houston, but has been known to jet off to NYC to get her hair cut at the drop of the hat, knows how to (correctly) install a kickass outdoor shower and just happens to have worked for some of the biggest names in fashion. Not to mention that her and her husband are darling. She just had her "Golden" birthday and her sweet husband planned her a surprise party complete with real invitations. Stop by and see all the cool stuff she's doing. I'm super jealous of the outdoor shower they just built! What a great solution when you only have one bathroom in(side) the house! 


Courtney said...

Honestly, this is the sweetest ever. Thank you for all of your kind words and I'm beyond flattered.

The shower seems much more glamourous than it was in actuality :) After rebuilding that sucker a million times (leaks, faulty tape, backwards pipe connections, et al), the novelty definitely wore off! But we do love it and I'll be much happier once our grass all grows back.

I look forward to seeing your blog take off and learning more about your own party planning ideas! Many, many thanks. xx

Kate said...

Thank you Courtney! I hope your shower and your grass start to grow on you again soon.