Sunday, November 9, 2008


Now that I actually have bookshelves, I think I'm going to do something like this. I'm planning on saving my first bottle this NYE in Seaside (she has a bottle of Destin sand in the second picture, isn't it beautiful? So white!), so wish me lucky on the next 100 or so.


laura @ so alaurable said...

I do this too, and it's such inexspensive and personal way to decorate!

southern daze said...

What a fantastic idea!

Funny you mention Seaside...I'm currently wearing a "Seaside" shirt I picked up when we were there this summer. It's serving as a reminder of warm days and gorgeous beach. Hope you have a blast!

Courtney said...

Geez, lady, don't you have some wonderful trips to look forward to in December!! Skiing and the beach in one month... I don't think you can beat that.

I've meant to save sand from different beaches, but save for a beach in Portugal, I have never followed through with the intent. This is a great way to display such a collection, and I wish you luck starting yours!

And, yes, I know I was suppose to move to Birmingham, but when no jobs appeared in the area, it put a kink in that plan ;) Perhaps it's still in the future!

Oh, and hopefully I will get to meet Courtney- Inside the Loop- in person- she is so nice and has been a big help to me already in regards to discovering places in Houston. She seems awesome, indeed.

Kate said...

@ Southern Daze~ Don't you love wearing Seaside stuff in the winter and dreaming of warmer days? I buy a long sleeve shirt each year, so that I have one to wear year around.

@Courtney~ I have no idea how I planned all these great trips so close to each other, but they're going to be fun. We're still not 100% sure we're doing the Seaside trip, but if we do, it'll be a blast.