Monday, June 1, 2009

A intimate wedding...

for 1200...

Check out this wedding that Soiree put together recently. 125 servers, 45 bartenders, 5 bathroom trailers, over 1 million flowers {is that possible?} and it took 75 Soiree staff members to do the whole thing. My goodness! I'm not sure I've met 1200 people in my whole life that I like, much less that I would want to invite to my wedding. It's a pretty wedding though, I hope they add more pictures to their blog.
{line of servers as guests enter}
{1 large cake and 10 smaller cakes!}
{These are the bathrooms, people. There were 5 of these}
{just a simple wall of flowers}

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simplesong said...

wow ... that's all i can say.