Tuesday, May 5, 2009

All about our venue*...

Here are a few beautiful pictures of our chosen venue
I happened to see these on the A Bryan blog the other day and I actually squealed with delight. I'm a dork, aren't I? Anyway, this is a very special place for us. It's where we had our first date and it's also where our families met for the first time...right on the patio/courtyard where we're going to hold the ceremony, if fact. It's Lil's favorite place to eat {the casual side} and we go all the time. It's a Birmingham culinary landmark and the second restaurant from Frank Stitt {who was robbed!}. The food is Italian and they have a wonderful cookbook out if you collect them. Yummy! These pictures about a couple of months old and they did a small remodel around the new year, so they're not exact. But, you'll get the general feel I think. They moved the bar from the back of the restaurant to the front and made a little outdoor bar area, where I hope to set up an oyster bar during the cocktail hour. I'm going to try and snap some extra pictures this weekend. But for now, just tell me how great it is? ;)
{A close-up of the signage and the beautiful stone that the building is made of}

{I really wish these were in color, so you could see the beautiful paneling and colors in the room}

{There's a huge double sided bench/booth that runs down the middle of the room now. It's not a true booth, just one bench seat with chairs on the other sides of the tables. Make sense? The wood makes the beautiful paneling.}

{We probably won't need to seat upstairs, but I love the picture and the candles on the ledge. I hope to have a group picture shot from above as well}

{We won't use the tent, but under that is the courtyard where we're going to have the ceremony and cocktail hour. I'm going to try and take some pictures of the arbor and fountain wall soon. The other side that you see in the distance is the casual cafe side. We won't use that side, so it will be open to the public.}

Next up...Glamour shots of the food! The important part to us!

{**I haven't booked them yet, but I will soon. I feel a little nervous saying it's our venue, BUT they don't do a ton of special events and we got there once or twice a week and know the owners.  So, I think everything should be fine when I get around to it. Keep your fingers crossed!}
{Oh and all the photos are by Caleb from A Bryan}

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